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   Exclusive Pre Term Offer

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Special New Term Offer

The lil Dragons love playing and learning with their team mates and Coaches and now, we're excited to up the ante!!

If your kids have joined our "Life Skills on Skateboards" classes, you'll appreciate that our evidence-based solutions make a significant positive impact on a child's character focus, motivation and self confidence.  NOW we're thrilled to up the ante' (give you more) as SkateSports has joined "GrowthWerks".  Discover what's in it for you...

Our Holistic Approach & Framework

Your Child's Journey

Step 1

At primary school age, every moment of their journey creates the foundation of character and essential life skills. We focus on the 5CORE framework of Character, Mindset, Focus, Motivation, Grit!

Your Child's LIfe Skills

Step 1

We use the 5CORE framework to coach your your child to develop leadership, teamwork, communication, empathy and problem solving skills. Further, they learn how to cope with difficult situations, challenges to try, fail, learn and grow.

Your Community

Step 3

Yes, it takes a "village to raise a child" We understand the critical role that coaches, friends and peers play in the overall development of a child as such we actively develop personal bonds with all our students and their families.

Your Resources

Step 4

You know, we always say "there is so much more to our life skills program than just learning skateboarding."  We offer a range of classes, camps, activities AND, much much more for your family in 2020!


Healthy, Happy, Self Confident Kids.

We have created what we believe to be the ultimate package for parents who are committed to help their kids learn develop their super powers, overcome their fears to become more focussed, motivated and self confident in 2020. The Early Birds snapped up the offer and now we have a second release for another 20 students.  Check out everything your lil Dragon gets in the Ultimate Package otherwise, take the old "Term-Pass" if you prefer. 

   Exclusive Pre Term Offer

Timer has expired!

Get Everything. Only $997

As part of our pre-launch, we are offering the full ULTiMATE package for the special rate. Exclusively for existing students.  



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