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You've seen your kids play,  learn & grow with us, now... 

Are you ready to get even more from us!? 

No doubt, the lil Dragons (Students) have made wonderful progress and they've had fun with their team mates and coaches. Let's up the ante!!

"..up the ante" yes, but first...

I want you to know this.  Coaching your kids as they discover their strengths, tackle their fears and "light up" every time they play, learn and grow together is so fun and rewarding.  On behalf of the Team, thank you for trusting us with your kids and for giving us the opportunity to coach them.

I'm grateful to receive your support and share that so many Parents have told us they love what we do, are thrilled with the progress their kids are making and they want more.  Considering this, being a father and that coaching has been my passion and purpose for so many years (25 years in 2020), this all got me thinking...

"What more could we do to help your kids develop essential life skills..."

So, if you've ever wondered what we do when we're not coaching your kids,.... Well, ever since October 2018, we've been creating and testing a variety of classes, camps and related resources... Maybe you've seen them; GrowthWerks, Urban Adventure Camp, the MyBigLife program and resources.... 

Today, exclusively to you and our existing students, we're revealing the beta (first phase) of our NEW program. 

But, as I do respect your time, you can also access the old program package on the next page also. Click the "Options for 2020" button to reveal all!

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