Welcome back. Let's keep rollin'

Are you so proud of your lil dragon... their commitment and all the skills they've learnt throughout the last term...?

They grow up SO fast aye?  Watching them as they stand top of the ramps may look a bit scary for you at times but, you've seen how they have developed the skills and confidence . Step by step, skills, grit and confidence. They are awesome!

Kudos to you for letting them join and, thank you for giving us the opportunity to Coach your lil Dragon. Good news, it gets better!!

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It's Getting Even Better

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Growing, need an upgrade?

skateboard training

Winners are grinners

Passbooks, Level Badges, Awards and Certificates. Everyone's a winner at SkateSports 😉

Yes, everything!

All you need to do is get up, meet with the Coaches 15 minutes early and the boards, gears and good times will all be provided.

skateboard lessons

Being part of the TEAM

In line with the goals of the “Enrichment On Wheels” program, the uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to the team and instil in them a sense of pride & self-respect.


SuperParents  "COMMUNITY"

"it takes a whole village to raise a child" is a perfect way to describe our Community of Parents, Coaches, Teachers and Students. Together we can raise awesome kids AND, have a lot of fun on the journey together.

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