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Hi, thank you for choosing to join, "the TEAM".

If you are joining us for the first time, WELCOME,... we're excited to support your parenting by providing a safe, fun and enriching program for your kids.   That's what we do and we love doing it.

So, go ahead and review the special packages we have made for 2018. Considering the time and value packed in, there is sure to be one which is ideal for your family.

Yours Sincerely,

Founder / Master Coach

And more of the best

What do you like most about the program? Top of the list of compliments we receive include; how friendly, approachable and caring our Coaches are. The structure and overall "energy" of the sessions. However, above all, we receive the most messages from parents letting us know how much their lil Dragons love the sessions and the remarkable improvement they have made in the program.  

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All-Inclusive. Get It All

All inclusive Skatekit

We bring the classroom and the fun outdoors to the skate park. We guide the "Team" through structured exercises on skateboards which improve balance, coordination, and self confidence. The kids thrive in the positive environment with all the activities.

Being part of the TEAM

In line with the goals of the “Enrichment On Wheels” program, the uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to the team and instil in them a sense of pride & self-respect.  *We use the DRAGON shirt as their 1st incentive. All Dragons will get one after the first few weeks work 🙂 

Winners are grinners

First up, your lil Dragon will get a Passbook. After the first few weeks, their Dragon Uniform followed by Level Badges, Awards and Certificates at the SkateGrading events. Everyone's a winner at SkateSports 😉

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Join the Parents Community


SuperParents  "COMMUNITY"

"it takes a whole village to raise a child" is a perfect way to describe our Community of Parents, Coaches, Teachers and Students. Together we can raise awesome kids AND, have a lot of fun on the journey together.


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