SkateGrading, LIVE

So it's almost time. The weeks are rolling fast and the end of term activity that all the skate "dragons" look forward to. The, SkateGrading. Yes, it's that one day when all their skills get put to the test, pitted up against their Team mates, skate buddies. On the day they will;  a) be awarded their achievement level badge/s, b) join into games and possibly win, medals!

SkateGrading activity schedule is below....


Level Grading. Games and skills challenges too.

Yes, it's close to the end of term so, before many families shoot off for some quality travel and adventure over the holidays, we welcome your family to the SkateGrading event.

Held twice a year all the current students will together and pit their skills against their Team mates in their respective skill levels. In addition, they can join into some fun and skate challenges (higher level) too. (Medals for some challenges).

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  • SkateFest games & challenges
  • SkateGrading location layout

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The Schedule

10th and 11th May


  1. What time should we arrive? All students should arrive at 8.45am before the start.
  2. Do we come on Saturday or Sunday?  If you are a Saturday student, come on Saturday. Sunday - come Sunday.
  3. How long should be there.  The SkateGrading usually runs for the 1st hour. Games, challenges and picnic till 11+
  4. My class is at 10, what time should I arrive? All students need to arrive at 8.45am
  5. What do I need to prepare for the day? Make sure that your lil Dragon understands that the Skategrading is an opportunity to show the skills they have learnt. There is no prIze for the best at any of the skills in Grading - everyone is a winner.
  6. How is the grading marked.  For the weeks leading up to the SkateGrading, Coaches have been taking note of the skills which Students need more assistance with. We have done all we can to help them bring these skills up to speed however, it is not uncommon for a student to get a "provisional pass" even if it's for only one skill within their respective level. On the day, Coaches will run through all the skills from lower levels and work their way until each student has reached their highest possible skill.
  7. What time does it all finish?  Generally, the SkateGrading finishes just after 10am and the games finish with prize presentation around 11am.

Event Layout

SkateGrading Countdown