Our Proven Approach


We come from many walks of life and have such a diverse set of skills, interests, careers however, as coaches and parents we are all in this together.

Our goal is to add value to your parenting. We use a variety of proven approaches to EMPOWER your kids to further develop their focus, motivation and grit. 

We welcome them into our programs with open arms, treat them with love an respect as if they were our own kids.   

Overall we use the Play Based Learning model and which is facilitated within a Fun, Firm and Friendly environment.  

In this environment they will feel comfortable to play, learn and develop their life skills together.

Real Outcomes

Before you apply

Families are stuck in Singapore and with post covid restrictions as such we have a waiting list. We're trying our best to accept 1-3 new students per team based on age and, booking. To fast track your application, choose one of the following options now.  

Money Back Guarantee

We understand that we're living in unprecedented times. As our appreciation for your continued support, if, for any reason, we are unable to start the program you booked you get 100% refund. No questions asked. How's that for fair....  

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