My Life Journey, On Skates

They were steel construction, with slick wheels and were adjustable. We'd just rock up to Rawson Hall, strap on a pair and do laps, play chase, jumps, limbo - anything on wheels - for hours!  Then, finally, Santa delivered a pair of yellow high cuff boots with some kind of white lighting striping along the side, oversized wheels at the back and small wheels strategically fitted up front. No more strapping on, I was fitted and "Fab", it was those days. Roller skates and roller discos...

It wasn't long till skateboards came onto the scene for me and my skater mates. With empty swimming pools and the huge smooth cement driveways around the Hibiscus Apartments (nearby), skateboarding become the go to sport.

Coming from an Island where it was never too far to skate here or cycle there, the trusty BONES board became my trusty transport in the sprawling outer suburbs of Sydney. Time passed...

Sales and Marketing in Corporate Australia, Co-Founded my 2nd Company however, I felt something was missing, the journey began.... I travelled to Asia and supported even more travel by teaching English at the Taipei Montessori School. My buddy and i skated here, there - everywhere.

One day, Ms Lam, the Founder of the Montessori said, "you should always do what you love to do most. Why not teach English on skates".

Two decades, four Countries, several skate shops, and thousands of healthy happy graduates of the program along, our journey continues. Our mantra... as Coaches, we accept the responsibility to help parents raise awesome kids and,... we have loads of fun doing it.

Founder of SkateSports

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