We don't say this to boast.
We love what we do, and are darn good at it too!

Playing games, creating challenges and coaching cool sports...

Can there be any doubt, we're a happy team!

We won't rub it in too much, we fear even more people quitting their jobs and joining us.

However, the truth is that being responsible to create challenges, coach sports all the while helping kids develop focus, motivation and grit - hey, there's no hiding the truth, it's awesome fun!

We're privileged to be given the opportunity to "Coach" super kids

Yes, we provide purposeful physical activity and action-learning opportunities...on skateboards but, it's the kids that that bring life to all our activities and challenges.

Without a doubt, every child who joins the program is already a super kid. They already have the seeds of good character through great parenting. Everything we do compliments and reinforces the family values and then,...

.. we go all in to help them develop Focus, Motivation and Grit.

The Culture of the TEAM is what creates a happy, safe, fulfilled environment for all

SkateSports Coaches are Internationally Certified and receive the highest level mentorship by "Hanson".

He's an Internationally Certified Master Coach, qualified Coach trainer, who's Coached athletes to X-Games, World Inline Championships, 47 skating events and has featured on most major media channels.

These kids are awesome!

Founders Journey

They were steel construction, with slick wheels and - "adjustable", really!. Growing up in a small community (1500 people) on Norfolk Island,  Hanson and friends journey started at their town hall, "Rawson Hall". They'd rock up, strap on a pair of strap on, adjustable skates. As Hanson says, "we'd just do laps, play chase, jumps, limbo - and we'd create all kinds of games to play. Every weekend, for hours! Then, one Christmas, Santa delivered a pair of yellow high cuff boots with some kind of white lighting striping along the side, oversized wheels at the back and small wheels strategically fitted up front. No more strapping on, I was fitted and fab." It was the thing in those days. Roller skates and roller discos... 

During high School skateboards came into his life. He and the local boys turned to the abandoned "King Fisher" swimming pool and the huge smooth cement driveways around the Hibiscus Apartments. Coming from an Island where it was never too far to skate here or cycle there, when he moved to Australia for higher education his BONES skateboard became his mode of transport in the sprawling outer suburbs of Sydney. Time passed...


Sales and Marketing in Corporate Australia, he co-founded his second Company however, he explained that he felt something was missing. This is when he left Australia to explore Asia. He arrived in Taipei, Taiwan and took up offers to teach English at the Taipei Montessori School. He and his new group of friends skated here, there - everywhere. One day, Ms Lam, the Founder of the Montessori Taipei, said, "you should always do what you love. Why not teach English on skates". And so it was.

Two decades, four Countries, several skate shops, and over 10,000 graduates of the program, Hanson's journey on skates continues, in Singapore. His mantra,... "as Coaches, we accept the responsibility to help kids discover the fun of skating and help parents raise awesome kids,... on wheels!"

Hanson is an Internationally Certified Master Coach (ISCC), was awarded the National Coach Accreditation (NCAP) and was included into the National Registration of Coaches (NROC). He is recognised as one for the "pioneers" of the development of skating sports in Singapore (Since 1999) establishing coach certification programs, over 40 local, regional and international skating events and coached athletes to compete in Asian X-Games and his Teams bought home bronze medals from the World Inline Championships, Canada. Hanson has been featured on Channel News Asia, OKTO, 987 radio, AXN TV, Straits Times Lifestyle, and many other media. He lives in Singapore, is a father of two boys and is still very active in sports coaching today.