Holiday Skate Pass

The easy and fun way to keep your kids engaged and having fun learning new skills, making friends,... on skateboards! How cool is that? Schedules are hectic over the holidays so with the Holiday Pass you'll get 4 classes to use from now untill the start of the new term next year!

4 all inclusive classes + 8 week validity $137

If You're Busy. Let Us Inspire and Engage Your Kids These Holidays...

If you're like most parents, the holidays are mad with activities. And, in the middle of work, holidays, camps and EVERYTHING else, we need to keep the kids active, engaged and off the screens!

The answer, the "HOLIDAY-PASS" 

You get 4 classes to use from now untill the start of the new term next year!  Oh, and in case you run out (most kids use them up) you can get another Holiday-Pass at the same awesome price. Tell your friends, hide it from your foes and get rolling with us these holidays!

  • get four (4) one hour classes with Coach
  • learn the right way to get on, off, and skate
  • enjoy games which help them improve faster
  • get a Certificate of Participitation
  • receive a Class Passbook with all the skills

It's the Holidays and there's nothing we Coaches like better than to help healthy, happy kids who are keen to learn how to skate and have awesome experiences with other cool kids on skateboards. Join us!

Co-Founder | Master Coach |
Global Goodwill Ambassador

You missed the Holiday Pass this time however, you have options.

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