The Keys to ensure your most awesome 1st class experience.


Hi, Coach Zenn here.

The purpose of this notice is to prepare you for the first session and to set the right foundation for safety, fun and learning, on skateboards.

By the end of the session they should have a general understanding of the sport, safety, the experience of being on our Dragons Team, and be able to skate safely from A-Z without assistance.

So, if it’s ok with you, let’s get into it… following I will introduce the basics;

  1. How to prepare for the event
  2. What's The Plan On The Day
  3. What about equipment
  4. What if it rains
  5. How to connect with and keep up to date

1. Get Ready, Get Set (Preparation)

As soon as you get the confirmation of date, time and location, we suggest;

a) make a time to share the great news with your the attendee..“yeah, we’re going skating”
b) Help them understand that it’s just the first and you and the Coach will be there to support them. “It’ll be fun”
c) Tell them what to expect. “You’ll learn about skating, play some games and by the end of the class you’ll be able to show me how you can skate 😉 ”

2. What’s the plan on the day

a) on the day arrive 15 minutes early. -  anyone late will need to re-schedule,
b) Intro yourself to our cool Coaches (in red shirts).
c) Prep: Coach will welcome the kids, intro teh sport, fit gears and conduct a warm up.
d) Basics: Coach will intro a few specific foundation skills like; balancing, falling (safely), coordination all the while guiding "focus".
e) Skate: Coach will teach the primary skills of skating
f) Performance: Kids will get to present their skating skills 👊 👊
g) Games: combining all the skills, games to top it off
h) Sharing: Circle of friends, they each reflect and share about their  experience in the session


> make sure your kids have ample water and maybe a snack
> mix and mingle with the other Parents (coffee or tea anyone?
> Sit back and allow your child to be fully immersed in the program –  let the Coach “Coach”. Remember, nothing they do is a mistake, Coach’s got this!

3. Equipment:

If you need to use our equipment just message us via WhatsApp. We will provide skateboards and protective gear for the first couple lessons. Even if you’re using our gear, it’s great to bring your own helmet if you have one. Familiarity is comforting.

4. Rain Plan:

In the unlikely event of rain ( 🙏 ) please note that classes 1ST CLASSES are assumed OFF.   Join us on WhatsApp

5. Connect and keep up to date:

You made it. As you see, there is a lot that goes into it however, we'll make it as easy on you as possible.

We're excited to see you all 😉

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