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If you're like most parents, you'll have a multitude of School and after School related tasks, emails, schedules, chats and calendars so, we make it easy for you.

One booking, one monthly fee and, everything is included!  Oh and, you won't have any concern about loosing even one class.... you get make-ups and holidays breaks without cost or penalty.

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The Early Birds Bonus!

  • Dragon Progress Passbook: Allows Coaches, students and parents to see the program, the skills and progress. (week 1-2)
  • Uniform Dragon Dry-fit Shirt: Gives students a sense of belonging, instills pride & self-respect. (week 3 or 4)
  • Equipment Use: Quality equipment is safer, perform better, helps kids improve faster.
  • Level Badges, Awards and Certificates: Everyone's a winner at SkateSports

Your kids will have the most awesome experiences with us. You couldn't hope to find anywhere as engaging, challenging, convenient and safe. We can't wait to meet your kids and share our passion with them. Confirm your spot on the Team today.