Ready, Set,...Roll.

This is it!

So your kids revved and ready to get rolling, continue on the journey with us?

We're so excited to reveal the fun filled program for this Term, the all new EASY booking platform (finally) AND, we have put together a seriously awesome package "EARLY BIRD" for you. Ready set, let's roll...

  • Check out the list of key activities (more coming),
  • Discover the EASY way to book and manage your classes (NEW)
  • Grab the special NEW TERM package (With Bonuses)
  • Get the Early Bird $50 cash back!  (Expiring soon)

"EASY" Booking System

Take full control of your classes

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    Create your free account

    Click the following link and create your FREE account
    IMPORTANT.  Add family member/s (your kids). If you don't, all bookings will be allocated to you, by default.

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    Buy your "ClassPack"

    A classPack is like a book of movie tickets only, these are for SkateClasses. Simply buy a FLEXI or a TERM then go ahead to choose your SkateClass.

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    Now choose your SkateClass. The beauty of this is that you choose to join a Team which is; same day, time, location each week. Make sure to select the Family member who will be attending. Not yourself. .Have two kids, do it twice and then you will have complete control over their classes.

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