How Children’s’ Activities Help Produce Higher Grades

It may sound odd to say that children’s’ activities can help increase their grades. After all, the majority of us grew up being told that activities were only for kids that get good grades. Activities were first thing to be taken away if we were having trouble in school. But, this might actually be hurting your kids’ grades further. Find out how children’s’ activities help produce higher grades.

General Happiness Affects Academic Performance

It may seem odd to talk about happiness and grades together. After all, school isn’t meant to be fun is it? Well, for some it isn’t but the happiness we are talking about is more general happiness with their life. The happier that a child is then the more likely they are to get good grades. Drs. Quinn and Duckworth looked at exactly this in a recent study. Their findings are very interesting.


They state, “In a prospective, longitudinal study, we explored the direction of causality in this relationship. At the beginning of the school year, fifth grade students completed measures of wellbeing and an intelligence test. In the spring, we collected report card grades from school records. One year later, we repeated the same procedure but did not re-administer the intelligence test. Participants reporting higher well-being were more likely to earn higher final grades, even when controlling for IQ, age, and the previous year’s GPA.

 Kids’ Activities Affect Their Happiness

There are many sources that portray extra-curricular activities in a negative light. We hear every day about how kids are too busy and too much is being expected of them. But, there is just as much research that shows that extra-curricular activities can produce lifelong happiness. In fact, there may be more studies that show this. This was looked at in one book called The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Edward M. Hallowell.

One very revealing passage states, “I am grateful that I was introduced to squash – when I was in high school – not as a test or an activity at which I was expected to excel but as a game. It has remained a game for me now for thirty-five years, a game I love, a game that improves my health, buoys my spirits, solidifies certain friendships, strengthens my body, and relaxes my mind – even though I am not a highly skilled player.”

If you are looking for a great way to help your child do better in school then you should consider kids’ activities. These activities will help increase your child’s overall happiness. They will also create in them traits that will go through them throughout their life. This increase in happiness will also translate to their school work. As we have seen illustrated, the more that a child feels that they are overall happy then the higher grades that they will achieve. It is also of note that their base level IQ didn’t play a role in this. So, this can benefit all children.

Coach Hanson

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