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  New Birthday Party  

imagine a birthday party adventure, on skateboards..! 

All participants enjoy new games, challenges and learn to skate too.

What is the best Birthday Party for kids?

We've found that most parents plan, organise and facilitate what they perceive to be the most awesome birthday party for their kids without asking them,... "what do you want to do for your birthday?"    

Interestingly, most kids really only want two things...

1. Play with friends and get some 2. Presents

In this case, we've made it a no brainer for you. Simply take care of the friends list a cake, snacks and drinks (if you like) and we'll deliver the most awesome 2 hour experience for the celebrant and all their friends - with presents 😉 

The Birthday Experince, on wheels!

Ask any of the kids who have had a Birthday Skate on wheels with us and you'll quickly fin out that it was probably the best birthday party experience,... 'EVER!!"   However, we'll let you, your family and friends be the judge of that. Check out all that's included

   Special Early Booking Offer

Book at least 14 days in advance to get the special offer!

1 HR or 2HR. Get Everything.

Everyone loves a party including us! We offer the full Skate Party package for the special rate of only $648 for up to 12 pax ($648 for 2 hour or $548 for 1 hour. 

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