More than a learn to play skateboarding program, it's life skills on wheels!

Focus, Motivation, Confidence, Grit. (And fun!) These are all things your child gains in our program. Well over 13,000 kids joined our program since 2001. Each and every one with graduated with more self confidence and new life skills.

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Our Method

Delivering real outcomes and more fun through purposeful play.

94% of parents agree that fun is the most important. That’s exactly what we do at Skate Sports. While your kid is busy having fun, we’re busy growing their life skills. Our program encourages kids to explore, take on new challenges, and grow their life and social skills all while learning to skateboard. Mastering this unique skill boosts their self-confidence - and they LOVE it! We have 9 Award Levels for them, each with badges, books, and challenges.

Top Considerations

94% Of Parents Agree

94% of parents ranked "FUN" first and that's just it.

While the kids are so excited and engaged in the fun of it all, the Coaches are busy creating the environment, creating learning opportunities and inculcating life skills too.

The "program" consists of 9 Award Levels (badges, Books and Challenges) where kids explore, take on challenges, expand their life and social skills all while learning skateboarding -  This is why they LOVE it!


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The Magic Is In The Method

Purposeful play is more fun and delivers real outcomes

"... just imagine how great this feels."

It's So Much Fun

TRY-OUT and see

As parents and Coaches, we know how important it is to give new things a try. We want to know that it's ok to try new things and there are no conditions... When you join us they're free to see, feel and enjoy more experiences..

  • DISCOVERY: "SkatePark"
  • A dynamic life skills "ADVENTURE"
  • INTRODUCTION of safety
  • LEARNING all the fun aspects
  • PRACTICE balance and movement
  • LEARN how to paddle, cruise & stop
  • ENGAGE into purposeful games
  • REFLECTION session
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The right Community.

Just google "the importance of peers in raising children", you'll get about 76,800,000 results. Aside from many common phrases used over generations like; "it takes a village to raise a child", "birds of a feather",.. the research results are extremely convincing.

As parents we can help our kids understand the value of friendship, how to identify other peoples positive / negative behaviors and characteristics. Ultimately, how to develop their social skills, be kind and respectful to everyone while building deeper relationships with those who share the same values.

Coaches You Trust

Amongst the top parenting challenges are; finding the right programs, the right environment, a convenient schedule and the best Coaches. Here's how to identify the best coach for your kids:

1. Who they are.  2. What they have done. 3. How they coach.

Good news for you, SkateSports Coaches are Internationally Certified and receive the highest level level mentorship by "Hanson". He's an Internationally Certified Master Coach, qualified Coach trainer, who's Coached athletes to X-Games, World Inline Championships, 47 skating events and has featured on most major media channels.

A tried and proven program

We provide purposeful physical activity and action-learning opportunities "​...on skateboards."​ We help kids aged 6-13 discover the fun of outdoor sports and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make great choices for health and happiness that last them lifetime.

The “Life Skills On Wheels” program intentionally integrates youth development principles for good character to positively impact their lives and everyone they meet.

Great Locations

Singapore spoils us with excellent skate parks. From East Coast, Somerset and beyond, we use only the best parks. Each provides a safe space for your child to combine skating and personal growth.

DISCLAIMER: "Please understand that the results I'm sharing with you are typical. However, I’m not implying your kids will have the same significant outcomes as our previous 13,471 graduates..... Students who join my programs have the benefit of my extensive experience coaching, training and developing talent for 22 years and, I personally guarantee all our programs...... read more/

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Overall, the average parent who buys into any "enrichment" program for their kids gets very little or no results. Your kids results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background and commitment to raising independant kids.

Our programs are ideal for parents who are committed to helping their kids develop self awareness, focus, confidence and grit. Parents who understand that real progress takes time, consistency, a great peer support group as is guided by expert Coaches.

If you relate and are keen to find out whether your kids are suitable for the program, simply complete the application form. We provide free trials for all successful applicants after which Coach and Parents can make the decision to proceed or not. With that said, let's roll right in and get started...

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Your kids will have the most awesome experiences with us. You couldn't hope to find anywhere as engaging, challenging, convenient and safe. We can't wait to meet your kids and share our passion with them. Confirm your spot on the Team today.