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Fun, Safe, Learning On skateboards!.

Welcome. SkateSports “Life Skills On Wheels”  (LSOW) is an easy-to-follow, curriculum-linked Health and PE program for primary school children.

Through the language and specific activities within the sports program, it teaches fundamental life skills and builds good character. And, children love it. LSOW empowers kids to become leaders, positive role models and well-rounded, stable individuals who are equipped to achieve. Besides, learning skateboarding is great fun too!

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Top 3 Reasons
Parents Choose the Life Skills Program

And more of the best

What do you like most about the program? Top of the list of compliments we receive include; how friendly, approachable and caring our Coaches are. The structure and overall "energy" of the sessions. However, above all, we receive the most messages from parents letting us know how much their lil Dragons love the sessions and the remarkable improvement they have made in the program.  

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Everything Is Included

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Winners are grinners

Passbooks, Level Badges, Awards and Certificates. Everyone's a winner at SkateSports 😉

Yes, everything!

All you need to do is get up, meet with the Coaches 15 minutes early and the boards, gears and good times will all be provided.

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Being part of the TEAM

In line with the goals of the “Enrichment On Wheels” program, the uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to the team and instil in them a sense of pride & self-respect.


You'll Fit Right In Here

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SuperParents  "Community"

"it takes a whole village to raise a child" is a perfect way to describe our Community of Parents, Coaches, Teachers and Students. Together we can raise awesome kids AND, have a lot of fun on the journey together.

skate sports reviews
skate sports reviews
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Try-Out Booking Is Closing

Life Skills Program (6-13yrs).  Fun-Start (4-6yrs)
Somerset Skate Park  or  East Coast Skate Park
Choose sessions; 8, 9, 10am and 4, 5pm.


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Everything you'll get...

  • Full 60 Minute Life Skills On Wheels Session
  • Learn all the skills to ride a skateboard safely
  • Discover fun games & make new friends too
  • Use of all equipment. (BYO helmet if you like)
  • Get a TEAM photo to cherish the fun time
  • Receive a SkateAward to join future sessions