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  Developing Greater Focus, Motivation & Grit    
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HELLO, WELCOME :)  We're thrilled that you've found us and, straight up, if you are looking for a class, course or camp which kids LOVE and RAVE about, then our Life Skills & Adventure programs might be IDEAL for your kids. 

Let's face it, raising healthy, happy self-confident kids in today's tech age and without the "village" and community we enjoyed as kids, parents are needing to lean on teachers, mentors and coaches more than ever.

For well over 20 years, thousands of parents have trusted us to coach their kids to develop their focus, motivation and grit, on skateboards!  Understanding that kids jump out of bed and get to class early every week, no wonder that 94% of parents voted that, seeing their kids having fun and enjoying it is most important.     


Life Skills & Adventure classes, courses and camps are play-based learning programs with where active kids aged 6-12 come together to play and learn cool sports and while doing so, coaches help them develop better focus, motivation and grit.  

In the program, students learn to overcome their fears, develop their mindset, learn new skills, make friends AND, become great skaters all while having fun skateboarding with friends. Key areas include; 

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Kids love the fun and adventure warm-ups. reviewing past skills and learning new ones with their Team Buddies. Coaches use a variety of games, challenges and discussion to make it easy and fun for all types of learners and the lil "Dragons" earn their special Dragon Team T'shirt and Dragons badges as they progress through the course of character and skating skills. Also, Parents get to watch and cheer for them during class and can follow their lil "Dragon's" progress in their personal, "Progress Passbook".  (and so much more!) 

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With so many after school and weekend activities to choose from, finding the right programs and most suitable coaches for your kids fun and learning is most important.

If you're anything like the thousands of parents who have given us the opportunity to be their kids' coach over the past 20+ years, any number of the following considerations may be on your radar also. 

The good news is that you'll find all this with us and our "Family" at SkateSports. So, WELCOME on-board! (pun intended) let's see if we're able to find a suitable spot on a Team for your kids. 

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#Hanson Barry |  Founder
Dad 1st |  Certified, International Master Coach | High-Performance Sports Coach | Life Skills & Adventure Coach | Program Creator, Facilitator & Examiner


Our TEAM has a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, interests and careers however, collectively, we share the passion to coach and empower kids!

We use a variety of proven techniques so they can further develop their focus, motivation and grit. We welcome them with open arms, treat them with love and respect as "family".


At this stage I guess you have a fair idea about what we do, how we do it and most importantly, whether your kids would be a fit to join one of our Teams. So, now all that is left to do is to check out everything that's included in the Dragon's Members (Students) package and then, apply. Here's a summary; 

Somerset Skate Park

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East Coast Skate Park

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