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Life skills learnt... on skateboards! 

Focus, motivation, grit, self confidence and so much more..... everything kids gain in our fun filled programs!

The Biggest challenge...

When asked, "what is your single biggest parenting challenge", the greater majority of the 13,000+ parents we've worked with agreed...

....it's helping their kids become more focussed, motivated and self confident.  

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The real problem

By the time a child starts primary school, they've developed their base of likes and dislikes.  With so many choices, it's only natural that they will prefer to things they deem to be "fun".

They do what they want to do not necessarily what we believe, they "need to do".  So, with all the right intentions, parents get in a struggle with their kids between screen time, gaming and getting their kids to do homework and complete other tasks and  responsibilities... sound familiar? 

The fun and easy way to tackle it?

The simple fact is this. Only when kids relate to the activity as fun in a happy place, can they be self-motivated to learn and stay on course to discovering their own Super Powers!  

Therefore, helping kids develop a growth mindset, resilience and grit are some of the most effective ways to help them thrive at school, home, work and in life overall.    

This is how we can help.

The Proven Approach & Framework

Your Child's Journey

Step 1

At primary school age, every moment of their journey creates the foundation of character and essential life skills. We focus on the 5CORE framework of Character, Mindset, Focus, Motivation, Grit!

Your Child's LIfe Skills

Step 1

We use the 5CORE framework to coach your your child to develop leadership, teamwork, communication, empathy and problem solving skills. Further, they learn how to cope with difficult situations, challenges to try, fail, learn and grow.

Your Community

Step 3

Yes, it takes a "village to raise a child" We understand the critical role that coaches, friends and peers play in the overall development of a child as such we actively develop personal bonds with all our students and their families.

Your Resources

Step 4

You know, we always say "there is so much more to our life skills program than just learning skateboarding."  We offer a range of classes, camps, activities AND, much much more for your family in 2020!


Sneak peek...

Imagine the benefits of a world in which every child grows up with the skills they need to thrive. These foundational skills positively impact the way children feel about themselves and how they think, learn, and relate to others. 

They also have a profound effect on their mental and physical health later in life. We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn these skills and thrive in life. But sadly, this is not the case for millions of children. 

This is the very reason I developed the Life Skills & Adventure Learning program. Well over 13,000 students have graduated the program, maybe it's time for your kids to discover the fun too!

No#1 Fun & Life Skills Program

The original Life Skills Program Developed by New Zealander, Hanson. Living a life of sports, adventure and coaching, he has over 22 years of experience coaching sports for kids in Asia. (Also ranked Number #1 for fun!)

Safe, Fun, Super Engaging

Somerset Park and surrounding areas spoils us for choice of excellent places to play & learn. The elements around the park and skate park provide safe and interesting spaces for your child to combine all the sports with personal growth. 

Coaches You Know and Trust

As father of two active kids, Internationally Certified Master Coach (20+ years), you can be assured that Hanson and Team are 100% committed to the safety and well-being of your kids.  They're in very good hands.

What Parents are saying...