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Are you so proud of your lil dragon... their commitment and all the skills they've learnt throughout the last term...?

They grow up SO fast and just seeing them stand on the top of the ramp may look a bit scary for you at times but, step by step they have developed grit and confidence. They are BRAVE, grrrr.

Kudos to you for letting them join our "Life Skills" program in the first place and, thank you for giving us the opportunity to Coach your lil Dragon - it's a real privilege.

Founder / Master Coach

3 Changes Aimed To
Improve Your Experience

And, More Of The Best Things

What do you like most about the program? Top of the list of compliments we receive include; how friendly, approachable and caring our Coaches are. The structure and overall "energy" of the sessions. However, above all, we receive the most messages from parents letting us know how much their lil Dragons love the sessions and the remarkable improvement they have made in the program.  As a quick reminder, the following diagram outlines our method, the secret sauce. 

Upgrade Your DRAGONS Kit

Being part of the TEAM

In line with the goals of the “Enrichment On Wheels” program, the uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to the team and instil in them a sense of pride & self-respect.

Upgrade your SkateKIT

How's your current SkateKIT going. Has your lil DRAGON outgrown the Team T'shirt or do they need a new class Passbook or maybe a GradeBADGE?,   Easy. Simply drop us an email message to alert us and we'll get the new SkateKIT to you.

Winners are grinners

Passbooks, Level Badges, Awards and Certificates. Everyone's a winner at SkateSports 😉

Choose your Term Package here

Did you notice the special packages, and pricing?  These are exclusively for you and other current students. In addition, we are accepting applications for those who qualify and are interested in the exclusive, "ULTIMATE" skate package.  Now simply click on the button of your choice and well get busy to prepare everything for your new term with us.

#NOTE: If you have remaining credit on your existing package, we'll give you a complete refund for that soon after you book your New Term here.

$327Exclusive Offer - Current Students
The 10 weeks SkatePASS is ideal for all current students aged 6-13. They will complete 2 or more levels topped off with their mini comp and SkateGrading. All fees, kit and activities are included.
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  • 10 Weeks / 10 Classes
  • Make Up Classes Allowed
  • Upgrade your DRAGON shirt
  • New Level Certification Badges
  • Personal Class Passbook
  • Genuine love, care and coaching!
$997By Application Only
We are accepting applications from current students aged 8-13, level 4+. This special ULTIMATE package includes 20X regular classes + 20X ultimate sessions conducted by our most senior Coaches... and more

  • 20X Ultimate Team trainings (2 hours)
  • Exclusive 4 person Team with senior Coach
  • 1X Before and after video analysis
  • 1X new board deck of your choice
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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100% Results Guaranteed

Real simple. If your child has not been able to make a significant improvement in their skating skills and an obvious improvement in their focus, motivation or social skills after the first 4 sessions, we’ll issue you a full refund.