Renewals Are Strictly For Active Students Only

Well done. Here's a brownie for you.

Are you like, "So Proud" of your lil dragon, their commitment and all the skills they've learnt in the current term...?

They grow up SO fast (right) and just seeing them stand on the top of the ramp may look a bit scary for you at times but, imagine their little hearts missing a beat. THE ARE BRAVE Grrrr.   But as parents, we know and understand. Our kids have their own individual built in safety mechanisms and as we've all seen, other than a few bumps here and there, they're all safe and sound. They try, fail, learn and their awareness and confidence grows each and every time they get out and play.

Kudos to you for letting them join our "Life Skills" program in the first place, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to Coach your lil Dragon - it's a real privilege.

Founder | Director | Coach

Renewal. Now You Can Choose 😉

Da-ta-da.... now you get to choose whether to keep your current membership or one of the new ones. Simply click on the button and you'll be taken to a page with all the details. These NEW packages are fully loaded and ready to roll. As a little gesture of our appreciation for your commitment to your lil dragon in the program, we'll be giving you a NEW dragon skateboard ($139) when you book the Most Popular membership also.  (thank you!!)



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