The kids think it’s all fun BUT, we know they’re learning, LOADS!

Kids, ok, most Parents and kids think that skateboarding is a cool recreational activity. Well, YES however, the Life Skills On Wheels program has taken things to a whole new level.  We know that kids LOVE learning to skate, playing games (objective based games), joining our schedule of activities, collecting their skills progression Award badges and winning the Star Award too.  In short, we know they love being part of the DRAGONS TEAM.

Ready to discover the secret sauce?

TRiED and PROVEN program, iT WORKS!

There’s NO MAGIC PILL solution however, We GUARANTEE RESULTS. Hanson and our Team have helped THOUSANDS of children find their PASSION, fuel their MOTIVATION and realize their full potential, on wheels!

Committed to help more kids
GROW, LEARN and have FUN on wheels!

  • Instantly improve Focus
  • Awaken the “Giant Motivator” within
  • Boost Self Confidence and social skills
  • Develop Grit, Control, and Awareness
  • Enjoy games, challenges, and events

  • Enjoy Comprehensive 60 Minute Class
  • LEARN the basics for better balance and safety
  • Full use of All Skate Equipment (if you need it)
  • Group Photo with the Dragon Team
  • The DRAGON – PRO skateboard – free  (UP$139)

Enjoy your FIRST-CLASS

There’s definitely a trial or package just right for you. Get started with a Trial Pass or take full advantage of the SuperSaver or SuperSubscription packages. The range of benefits include;

  • The DRAGON TEAM kit!
  • Weekly 1 hour fun & learning classes
  • A calendar of themed events
  • Full use of All Skate Equipment
  • Group Photos with the Dragon Team
  • The DRAGON skateboards


STARTER Ideal Casual Option

Month by Month
  • Registration Fee Waiver
  • Saturday or Sunday (am or pm)
  • 4 Comprehensive Classes
  • Free Class For A Friend
  • Class Passbooks
  • Free use of Equipment

    4 WEEKS $148
    Credit Card or PayPal


    Choose Dates

    Choose EAST COAST or SOMERSET location

    No#1 Skate Enrichment Programs, Skate Events and Community Activities in Singapore Since 2001 as seen in;

    Students are ideally 6-12 years old and have their own equipment. If you don’t have them, don’t stress; 1. Let us know in the space provided. Coach will lend all the equipment for the first few lessons. 2. Don’t rush out and buy a toy! Coach will advise and recommend the best skateboard based on the height, weight and level of the skater. Registration. The registration form must be completed before participation in any skating class. This form will pop up after payment is made. Please allow a min of 24 hours for processing.

    A great way to start. Simply sign up for any month online with PayPal using your credit card.

    Have your cake and eat it too! You get everything all inclusive. Like over 70% of our Students, you’ll see the benefits of a monthly commitment. To qualify, simply sign up for the 6 month package PayPal using your credit card.

    Have your cake and eat it too! You’ll have the flexibility to attend any of your level specific classes over the course of six months, Now that’s GREAT value! To qualify, simply sign up for the 6 month package PayPal using your credit card.

    Yes, we offer discounts of 18% (and more!) with our yearly agreements. To take advantage click the button anywhere you see yearly discounts.

    By making payment for a package and participation in our classes confirms that you assume full and complete responsibility for the safety of your child (participant) and accept that SkateSports will take all care but does not accept responsibility for any injury or mishap suffered while engaged in our programs.   Parents authorize SkateSports to have and use photographs, slides, and/or video of the person named on this form as may be needed for its public relations and/or advertising programs. The complete Terms and Conditions are available and can be emailed to you by request. Email to for the document.

    You can cancel your Package at any time within the first 14 days and you will not be charged any extra. Please do let us know if there’s anything that we can do for you however if you prefer, simply go to your PayPal account, select cancel subscription then cancel it right there.

    To make it easy we offer one month, 6 month and 12 month agreements. If you sign for a monthly agreement, the contract length is one month and you are automatically billed on a monthly basis. If you sign up for a longer term package then the amount will be charged upon registration.

    Barry ThornLearn Skateboarding: Life Skills On Wheels!