Life Skills Learnt Safely,... On Skateboards!

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3 Reasons To Try Life Skills On Skateboards

They Think It's All Just Fun.
We know they are learning, heaps!

No skateboard experience or skills necessary, no instruction manuals and nothing to be afraid of. Your kids will be joining a tried and proven program with awesome kids. Our proven enrichment program is bound to empower your kids to find their footing while helping them explore, focus, practice and achieve success. 

You can find us every weekend, rain or shine, at one of our outdoor classrooms -skate parks! To get started the right way, simply join a First Class and we'll take care of you from there.

Games Approach, it's our "Secret Sauce"

We Use The Games Approach Providing Safe, Fun and Enriching Experiences.

Keen To See What We Do?

  • Why Join the Try-Out Session

    We understand that kids need to get a feel for their new environment and ease into new friendships. If you have kids 5-13 years old, this is the best to meet the Coaches and get a full one hour session on us. At the end of the one hour, you’ll definitely know whether the program is right for your kids AND, you’ll have some great skills to take away too.

  • What Will They Do?

    Have FUN, yes really. We’ll welcome you and your family to our outdoor classroom (the park), play some warm up games which shows them around the park and teaches them about balance, co ordination and team work. They will get to wear the safety gear, learn the most important skills on and off a skateboard AND, will be able to skate by themselves by the end of the session!

  • What Is The Atmosphere / Environment Like?

    Think of a day in the park with family and friends only that we take 100% responsibility for the fun and learning with the kids. We bring the classroom and the fun outdoors to the skate park and the students and siblings love it!

    Free TRY-OUT are here, Somerset Skate Park (click for map)


  • Lianne Reyes Brennan Lianne Reyes Brennan
    Ethan has made friends, enjoyed the outdoors and improved his skills immensely that his self confidence got a big boost! It's a great community to be involved in. Kudos to Hanson and Team!
  • Siti & Candice Siti & Candice
    We love getting involved with all the activities. Great team of Coaches Kids and Parents!
  • Jessica Knowles Jessica Knowles
    "It's been a great 2+ year long ride so far! Keep up the good work".

  • Michaela Goodson Michaela Goodson Orlando & Benedict
    Orlando and Benedict love making the trip from Malaysia to Singapore every week for their skate class. They have met a great group of friends to skate with in a fun and safe environment with excellent coaches who make learning new tricks exciting and rewarding.
  • Siti & Candice Siti & Candice
    We love getting involved with all the activities. Great team of Coaches Kids and Parents!