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HoliDAY – Activity 

Like you, the SuperMoms of Singapore found us! Realizing that we are the “real deal” they booked their kids in and even had time for a catch up cuppa with friends!

They think it’s all fun and games, we know they’re learning – heaps!Coach Kiwi
Hello, my name is Hanson. Most of you will know me as Coach “Kiwi”. I’m the guy who helps children discover the fun of sports and engage them in activities which help them grow in character. Being a single father of two little boys (Harley 8 and Zandar 5), I know how frustrating it can to find safe, fun and enriching programs taught by great Coaches –  Get ready to roll, this Holiday Activity checks all the boxes and, your kids will LOVE IT!

Committed to help more kids
GROW, LEARN and have FUN on wheels!

Why Join Holiday Skate

Simple answer.  It’s a drop off activity where the kids get to benefit from the total immersion into learning cool skills, playing fun games and trying new challenges with new friends.  Just drop your kids off and we will take care of everything.

As a “TEAM” they’ll take the challenge to complete as many activities they can each day. Loads of opportunity for each person to explore and express their individual strengths, talents and leadership abilities as well as develop their character.

We’re all in the TOGETHER.

What will they do, what Activities?  

The FUN Skate Activity includes a combination of pre planned activities. Based on the age, proficiency, considering safety and the focus on FUN, the Coaches will follow the tried and proven program with the most appropriate activities and challenges for the group including;

  • Skateboarding,  Tree Climbing,  Parkour,  Street Art Painting,  Ice skating, Ultimate Frisbee, Amazing Race Challenge, Bounce Trampoline Park, other Team games + some quiet time in the midday for their reading or chilling.

Great program, Good Fun, Convenient & only $97. 

  • Full day Activity, 9am till 5pm (drop off & pick up)
    Somerset MRT / Skate Park
  • Maximum of 10 kids per group, NO MORE
  • WhatsApp group (we’re always close by)
  • Activities facilitated by Coach “Kiwi” & Team
  • All Equipment is provided for all
  • Entrance fees for premium activities, Included
  • BYO lunch or enjoy local lunches from food court

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