They will have fun and become more focussed and motivated.

Motivation begins with interest. Interest leads to exploration and learning, and to the development of projects. Projects then become ambitions and goals.  Like all of us, children want to do what they are “good at.” They want to shine and feel proud. And, again, they want us to be proud of them.

Get an inside peek into the acclaimed programs and how Internationally Master Coach “Hanson” and Team work their magic!   (below)

TRiED and PROVEN program, iT WORKS!

There’s NO MAGIC PILL solution however, We GUARANTEE RESULTS. Hanson and our Team have helped THOUSANDS of children find their PASSION, fuel their MOTIVATION and realize their full potential. Be our guest. Short cut to your Free Trial and experience what it’s all about.

Discover the FUN, Life Skills On Wheels!

No#1 Skate Enrichment Programs, Skate Events and Community Activities in Singapore Since 2001 as seen in;

Enjoy a Trial with us! 

There’s definitely a trial or package just right for you. Get started with a Trial Pass or take full advantage of the FunPass, SuperSaver or SuperSubscription packages. The range of benefits include;

  • The DRAGON TEAM kit!
  • Weekly 1 hour fun & learning classes
  • A calendar of themed events
  • Full use of All Skate Equipment
  • Group Photos with the Dragon Team
  • The DRAGON skateboards


Bring The CHAMPION to Singapore

He’s a power pack sized Japanese freestyle skateboarding star with ALL the tricks! From TV shows to Freestyle Championships, it’s been touted that he’s mini Rodney Mullen and he’s going viral…… meet, Isamu Yamamoto.

We have a RARE opportunity to INSPIRE the kids, establish a wonderful ROLE MODEL and help this World Class junior Champion develop his talent!

  • Over 20 Million You Tube Views
  • Super Kids Star, Freestyle Skate Champion,
  • Inspiration and Role Model!