Safe, Fun, Life Skills Program For Kids,...On SkateBoards!

They will LOVE this!

So much has changed since we were kids. As informed parents, we're well aware of the issues and challenges of parenting today. Crikey, is there an instruction manual for raising kids? But, not all is doom and gloom (of course). Despite some of the distractions from gadgets, fidget spinners, ipads and the likes, there is one very important constant. Over the past 21 years, we've found this to be the key to raising "awesome kids".

The passion. Helping parents raise awesome kids

We would roll up to teach English at Taipei Montessori School (Taiwan) every day and were always welcomed by very excited children. They'd actually cheer. (chuckle), that took a bit of getting used to. At 21, I had enjoyed early success in Sales and Marketing at Multi Nationals (Australia), Co-Founded my 2nd Company but felt something was missing, the journey begun. The a-ha moment was when the Founder of Montessori Taipei encouraged us to do what we love, "teach English on skates", profound, that a-ha moment. Two decades, four Countries, several skate shops, and thousands of healthy happy graduates of the program along, our journey continues. Our mantra... as Coaches, we accept the responsibility to help parents raise awesome kids.     Hanson. Founder

Life skills,... on skateboards?

Have you heard of the “Games Approach”, “Play & Learn” and how about the concepts and processes of inculcating values and developing intrinsic motivators within our kids?  GREAT, because, in short, this is HOW we do it. We have several structured and progressive programs which are have been tried and proven over the past two decades. The kids say, “This is Fun” but, we ALL know that they are learning and growing - HEAPS!  Our little diagram helps to illustrate the structure of the program, one of the key's to raising awesome kids.  

3 Reasons
Parents Choose This Program

These kids are awesome!

Comprehensive & Fun!
Kids LOVE being on the TEAM

Being part of the TEAM

In line with the goals of the “Enrichment On Wheels” program, the uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to the team and instil in them a sense of pride & self-respect.

Kids love the program

We bring the classroom and the fun outdoors to the skate park. We guide the "Team" through structured exercises on skateboards which improve balance, coordination, and self confidence. The kids thrive in the positive environment with all the activities.


Passbooks, Level Badges, Awards and Certificates. Everyone's a winner at SkateSports 😉

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We understand that kids need to get a feel for their new environment and ease into new friendships. If you have kids 5-13 years old who are keen to try, this is the ideal way to get started the right way. By the end of the first hour, you’ll definitely know whether the program is right for your kids AND, you’ll have some great skills to take away too.

Sessions are every Saturday and Sunday. 9am, 10am, 4pm, 5pm. Spaces are limited to the first 6 students per coach. New students will need to be evaluated before being selected for a Team.


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