They don’t come with any instruction manual.

We all know that it takes more than parents, families and teachers to raise awesome kids, you also need tried and proven enrichment programs facilitated by great, ok, “awesome” Coaches. Meaning, Coaches who inculcate your family values, empower your kids to explore, try, fail, and find their footing and feel the success of every small achievement, bingo!  We call this, “life Skills” and the coolest part of the equation (for the kids), all this is done – on wheels!

TRiED and PROVEN program, iT WORKS!

Hanson and our Team have helped THOUSANDS of children
find their PASSION, improve FOCUS and MOTIVATION. Be our guest. Free Pass

LOADED with Experience, FUELED with Passion

Free Pass! All inclusive 60 minute experience. 

There’s definitely a Free Pass or package just right for you. Get started with a Free Pass or take full advantage of the SuperSaver or SuperSubscription packages. The range of benefits include;

  • The DRAGON TEAM kit!
  • Weekly 1 hour fun & learning classes
  • A calendar of themed events
  • Full use of All Skate Equipment
  • Group Photos with the Dragon Team
  • The DRAGON skateboards


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